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The Honey

In addition to our wine, we also produce organic honey.
Throughout the year we place our beehives in the Montà region. We produce three types of honey: Acacia, Chestnut and Honeydew.
Midway June the beehives get moved to the Piedmont alpine valleys: in Val Varaita (Chianale), in Val Maira (Viviére-Acceglio) and in Val Chisone (Pragelato).
In these unpolluted areas we obtain the Wildflower honey in its unique characteristics.
Montà is one of the most important regions in ancient culture of honey, hence the importance of bee breeding.
Every September the Montà village fair is held in order to celebrate the honey.
Roero’s Ecomuseum has reserved an apiculture path and it’s about 200mt away from our estabilishment. Do not hesitate to come and visit us in order to taste the honey produced in this century old apiculture region.

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